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The Talk of the Clown

 A resource and a series of articles on clown and clowning


Throughout this site you will find articles, clips, reviews and other snippets relating to the art of the theatre clown.It is a naturally a  personal view and reflects my tastes and observations. I have been working as a performer, director and workshop leader for over 30 years. More information on my practice can be found at 

I hope that visitors to this site will find it both useful and informative and I welcome discussion and additions to my knowledge.


Diary of a Gaulier student

This is a submission by Ciara Thorburn, a diary of her experience, the work is entirely her own and the views expressed entirely hers but I thought it might be of interest. Thank you Ciara 14/1/2020 Gaulier Day 1 I sit here with my café ole (flat white) at Café Du...

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Clowns & Power

As part of the London International Mime Festival a symposium was hosted by Bim Mason in January 2017 at Jacksons Lane, this is footage of the discussion. Look forward to Part 2

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Nola Rae celebrated clown and mime

Nola Rae clown and mime Nola Rae is a personal favourite of mine, a clown and mime who has been touring her iconic work since 1975 and was, along with Joseph Seelig, one of the founders of the London Mime Festival. For more information on this sublime artist navigate...

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Laughing in the Face of Danger

Laughing in the Face of Danger. The Activist  Clown A new clown is emerging, or a modern version of an old clown, the Activist Clown or the protest clown.  The conventional view of the clown is that of the red nosed circus buffoon but there is another less well known...

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Killer Clown Phenomenon

Killer Clown. New phenomenon or old hat? Anyone interested in clowns cannot have failed to notice the recent slightly hysterical reporting of the latest craze for hooligans in ‘killer clown’ costumes jumping out of bushes and scaring women or being reported hanging...

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Actors act, clowns play

Fraser Hooper "actors act, clowns play" Fraser Hooper is an international clown with vast experience of working on the street, festivals and on stage. He always has something interesting to say and I thought that this was a valuable addition to the everlasting...

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Karl Valentin

Karl Valentin Celebrated Bavarian Clown 1882-1948 Karl Valentin was born in Bavaria to a middle class family, he came to be known as the "Charlie Chaplin' of Germany, Valentin was a film maker,, cabaret artist, and clown. His work is said to have influenced Bertholt...

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London Clown Festival 2016

 A conversation with the two clowns behind the London Clown Festival. No red noses (nearly), no funding, no rip off ticket prices, no nonsense, it’s the first London Clown Festival and it is a very good thing. I spoke to organisers Dan Lees and Henry Maynard today to...

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If a clown falls in the forest, does anyone laugh?

iclown is the result of a year long probational Phd study. It became apparent that the academy was no place for the clown but I wanted to create a space where the research so far could find a home, where I could create a resource of material that I find pertinent to...

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What clown? The character appears in traditional and new circus, in horror films, in cabaret, on the street, in theatre shows and as childrens’ entertainment? How can that one word one fit all these different interpretations? What is clown and why is it such a...

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What is a clown?

Clowns are in the news They are emerging from the backs of circus tents, from caravans, from performance schools in France, from workshops and colleges and they are starting to make their presence known. They are organising themselves and going to battle, they are...

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