Archive clown clips and videos

A selection of favourite clown footage from past to present

An early Jacques Tati film

“School for Postmen” (French: L’École des facteurs) made  in 1947  directed by Jacques Tati. Tati plays a French postman adamant to prove he can be just as fast as American postmen at delivering mail. The film includes several sight gags that involve his bicycle. He replicated most of the action here in his first major feature film, Jour de fête, released two years later.

Palestinian clown

I found this powerful video (2012) of an extraordinary clown attempting to bridge the gap between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians on youtube whilst researching clowns working with refugees and in war zones. I think it is an extremely courageous performance and also a perfect example of how the clown can be used to diffuse tension or point out the absurdity of conflict. It is interesting to note that at some point in the video he swops the red nose for a black one! I don’t know much about the performer but I take my hat off to him.

Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx

Lovely video from the I Love Lucy show starring Lucille Ball and Harpo Marx

original air date may 1955

Spike Jones ‘the Mozart of Mayhem’

wonderful video from the great Spike Jones and his City Slickers

The Poet and the Peasant (1952)

Max Wall

A clip of Max Wall as Professor Wallofski, playing piano sketch and famous funny walk